Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July festivities

We're back from a long weekend at the beach! It's nice to relax a bit, there are times when a break is needed. This was one of those times. I'm happy to be back, though, and it's not like we're saying goodbye forever. ;) We'll be back to the beach a few times (weekends) this summer. The kids love it there and they get to visit with their Gramma & Papap James.

I have a love for a beautiful sunset/sunrise. If I could plaster the walls in my house with pictures of a nice sunset over the ocean, I think I would! ;) It's one of those times when you get a moment to take a breath, step back and revel in the beauty of our Earth.

In sand with grandparents

My kids love the beach, and frankly, I think this was the only time they sat still! We'd go to it first thing in the morning till lunch.

Pool time

And of course, when the beach gets too warm and crowded we'd head to the covered pool. There were no objections from the kids.

4th of July visit to old Naval base monument

Path to beach

Lifeguard chair at sunset

Again... sunsets... can't go a weekend to the ocean without shots of the Glory of God's work.


Let me tell you... fireworks photos... not easy! HA! I liked this shot... loved the one "burst" on the left, but again... nothing fantastic. I have always liked fireworks too. Sunsets and fireworks (oh and not to mention a good ol' campfire)... vacation is complete!