Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest trip to Myrtle Beach

Little man learned how to ride his boogie board last weekend, but I finally got a couple shots of him doing his thing this time! I am always in awe of how much he is growing up (which has me wondering if I'll always call him little man! HA!). Because her big brother was having so much fun, Kalea thought she'd join in on the boogie board so the grandparents gave her her very own Dora board! LOL. She enjoyed riding it, but wasn't thrilled with water in the face, so it's not quite as much fun as her brother led her to believe. ;) I didn't get any pictures of the short rides she took.

We then headed to our favorite dinner place, Margaritaville, and then walked around the zillion shops at Broadway that evening. It was a nice evening.

Baby girl really did have fun, regardless of the sour face she put on for the photo.