Saturday, January 24, 2009

After the snow

So this is how it went after coming in from our morning out in the snow.
Me: "It's time to take a nap kiddos!" (after lunch with hot cocoa, of course)
Kids: "But we want to go play in the snow!"
Me: "We'll maybe play some more after your nap, ok?"
Kids: "Ok... "
and nap they did!

When they woke up... there was no snow... that's how fast it came and went.
This is what we saw when we came out:

So this is what we ended up doing:

and this:

Since the snow was gone from our sand, they ended up just playing in that... which made a mess, but they had fun. Being cold and wet, it almost reminded me of moonsand.
Life was pretty much back to normal without the snow.

It was fun and the kids had a good time. I enjoyed our day off from school as much as they did, I think. I love times like this!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in NC!

So - yesterday we walked the street in a light coat and dress... today we bundled up in a snowsuit and made snow angels! ;)

I love that we got a day of snow. It's beautiful and so much FUN! We actually went sled riding in it and of course made the obligatory snow angels. After coming in we warmed our little tummies with some hot cocoa & marshmallows while watching the inauguration. What an awesome awesome morning. Here are a few photos from our time outside.

Isn't it beautiful?

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009

It's that time again to make resolutions for the year ahead. I don't normally have too many resolutions - but I'm really looking forward to an amazing 2009. In 2008, I had some goods and bads ~ ups and downs, just like many people do in a year. But I also some times forget how truly blessed I am. Ok... getting down to the business of this post - my 2009 resolutions:
1) I want to start on another photo project... just not sure which one yet.
2) At some point this year, I want to make Angela Pace Photography my full time job.
-of course some contract development jobs along the way would be helpful. :0
3) Need to get my pricing finalized for '09.
4) Learning about marketing... marketing my photography... myself... my creativity.
5) Second shooting a couple weddings this year, with the help of (THANK YOU!). ;)
6) Save up enough to get that second camera body. Woo hoo!
7) Keep my photography fresh and get more creative... learn more... get thy self to more photography workshops!!
And then there are the personal resolutions, like:
8) Spending more quality time with the kids - but also getting them both into some extracurricular activities like soccer and dance & BEING THERE to watch them all. ;) I could not be more excited for this next step.
9) fitness goals... I have at least 10 lbs to lose. Hmph.

So - that's that. 9 resolutions / goals for 09.