Thursday, April 30, 2009

More from the rehearsal dinner

The bride and groom's friends and family were so much fun! They were so easy to work with and just made it a great time for me. I wanted to show off a few more photos (ok... I have a lot to share) from the evening and just to say thank you one more time.

The whole family was so awesome! Lots of love going on! hee hee

The love and laughter- it was infectious!

I think this one is the sweetest!

One of my favorites:

A couple last ones of the gorgeous couple:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding - Rehearsal dinner - Kiawah Island, SC

I had the amazing opportunity of being at a rehearsal dinner for some casual, fun shots at the beach. The bride and groom were so sweet and nice. They chose Kiawah Island to get married and I'll tell you what - it was an AMAZING location! I wanted to throw a couple *sneak peeks* out here for them.

Thank you, E, for booking me and please let your family know how much I enjoyed my time with them. They all made it so easy on me - lookin' so good! ;)

During the actual rehearsal, the bride and groom watching the flower girls walk back.

Family & friends after the rehearsal.

During dinner I had the opportunity to take some shots of everyone at the beach. This is one of the flower girls.

Just a couple shots of the beautiful couple - seriously... Gorgeous couple!

I still have quite a few shots to get through, but I know they were excited about seeing these! ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bridal Shoot - Charlotte, NC - The Mint Museum

Beautiful Miss D... she has the most wonderful smile ever! Turns out she was Miss Photogenic in High School... and I can certainly see why. She made it so easy on us. Have to say again, a big Thank you to Larue with LEdwardImagery for allowing me to come along and take some photos.

She was so much fun and so very beautiful!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding - Charlotte, NC - second shooter

I'm running a little behind on posting to the blog ~ things are going so well that I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed!! This is a good thing! Every weekend in April is booked and May is filling up quickly. I did a wedding a couple weekends ago with the fabulous Larue with LEdwardImagery (THANK YOU!). Here is a sneak peak:

I love that in this next picture he's helping her with her shoes... they were so cute together and you could just see how in love they were.

Look at how they look at each other!!

Happily married:

The last one of just the bride... I love the sun in this one...

And then I traveled to PA with my awesome kiddos to visit family for Easter and my daughters 4th birthday. It was SUCH a great time. Family, bowling, Easter eggs, Egg hunts & birthday parties... WOW! A few images to showcase the weekend below.
The infamous bunny cake:


Egg hunting:
(Check out Kellen's full bucket!)
And a few "set-up" shots:

(Aren't they adorable??)
My boy is such a ham...

The kids cousin, M, is so CUTE!

And all together... I'm biased... but aren't they the cutest kids ev-ah?!? ;)

Yesterday was a bridal shoot (I'll post that soon!), then a rehearsal dinner, and then there's the mini Spring sessions (of which I can't wait for!!!) in May. So much to look forward to - I am absolutely psyched!

Thank you for checking in!! Leave a quick comment while you're here - let me know you're looking!