Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun times

It's been a pretty boring week around the Pace household. Well... boring to our standards... a 3 and 5 year old can keep you on your toes! HA! We had one trip to the dentist. It ended up not being a very fun trip for me, but Kellen had a great time. The practice's waiting area was filled with video games, books and toys. It was a childs heaven! I certainly don't remember a waiting area like this when I was a youngster! ;) All is well, but there will be more visits in our future for little man. Baby girl goes with us next time for her first cleaning!

Can you tell which one's not so interested in having a photo taken?? ;)

This weekend my in-laws were in town. This is the start of their 5-6 weeks at the beach. They look forward to this trip all year, but really who can blame them? It would be nice to have the summers off. While they were at the house this weekend I took a couple pictures of them with the kids. You can certainly see the adoration not only of the kids with their Grandparents but from the Grandparents of the kiddos.

I've gotten a few requests to take more photos for others and I'm really psyched about that! I enjoy photography so much and getting to know other families and their children. It's such a pleasure! With that said, call any time to schedule an appt for a session!