Monday, August 18, 2008

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Wild is right! Hee hee. We had such a wonderful time in WV hiking through the woods (both marked paths as well as crazy off-trail hikes up steep hills with a 3-yr old *thanks Mom*! <-- just joking!), watching waterfalls, swimming in the pools & more hiking!

On Friday we got off to a bit of a slow start, but it didn't keep us from doing some sight seeing! We went to a state park that had a tram *note very very small tram* that took the 6 of us down the mountain so that we could ride a boat around the Summersville Lake and to the dam. During our boat tour we got the chance to see how real W.Virginian's live it up next to the water! Our next stop was to see a waterfall and then if was off to dinner!

Saturday was more of the same. We went on close to a 4-mile hike out to a point on Summersville Lake. *Autumn & Ray ya'll might remember this hike about 4 years ago!* It was such a good time. The men stayed up front for most of the hike while us girls (Kalea) took our time checking out all of the little flowers, sticks and bugs along the way.

This is what we saw scattered along the river

The waterfalls were really beautiful. It would sprinkle and then the sun would come out and shine right on the one spot. Gorgeous!

The WILD part... this is the "Mystery Hole". Talk about a different experience!

What a fun hike!

Kellen and Pap before leaving on Sunday.

I took SO many more photos, but too many to post them all here.

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