Monday, August 25, 2008

Random photos

We went down into Waxhaw this weekend a couple times. I love our little town! I grew up in a very small town, and although Waxhaw is a smidgen bigger, it really does make me feel more "at home". They have this great little park that the kids love to play at and several wonderful restaurants. Too much to go on about here... but I feel blessed to have found this place!

My big kindergartner (!) was about to go down the big slide, but I caught him at the top with a big grin! :D

And another one of him and his very wonderful smile - it makes me melt! *heart*

There's a train (or several - hee hee) that runs through the town and any time we're at the park and hear the train whistle blow that prompts us all to RUN to the top where these benches are and watch as it goes by. We even get a special wave from the conductors from time to time! Talk about a treat!

And this may sound silly to some but oddly (ok so I'm admitting it's a little odd that I find this cool), I'm excited that the kids can finally play on the seesaw together! Baby girl had a blast!!

And in case you don't believe me here is more evidence... in color.

Not only do I love a lot of things about this town, one thing is for sure... they have the best little shops with some wonderful ice cream!! Above is a quick shot of one of the newer shops. Wine & ice cream... there's no going wrong with that combo!

We took a walk around town and of course over the new bridge. The old one was wonderfully rustic and fit the town, but I feel SO much better walking over this one!

And of course we had to all check out the view from atop before heading home.