Sunday, May 17, 2009

More of C & A - Just too cute!

We went to a new community that's being developed in Waxhaw for this shoot. They are really making it a pretty area. C & A are just so darn cute that I had to share a couple more of them.

She's starting to get her bottom teeth... can you see them?!! ;)

I just think this is cute...

And C just really did not want to have his picture taken:

But we got a couple smiles to break through! (hee hee) ;)

And this one... this is my favorite!!

And then we tried to get some shots of the two of them... and we told C to try to make A laugh so he did Peek-a-boo. My guess is about anything her brother did, she'd smile. ;)

Thank you again E & W for allowing me to take their photos.